Sodium Formate

Sodium Formate

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CAS No.:

EINECS No:205-488-0

HS Code:29151200

Appearance:White crystal & powder

Molecular Weight: 68

Melting point:253℃

Grade:Industrial Grade ,agricultural Grade



 Super Grade

 First Grade

 Second Grade

 Purity ≥(%)

 98.00 /97.00


 93.00 /92.00    





















Sodium Formate Uses:

Sodium Formate can be used for leather tanning industry as tanning agent,catalyzer,stabilizer,serves as camouflage salt in the chrome tanning method.



Sodium Formate can be used in completion fluid in oil field, drilling fluids.





Sodium Formate can be used in the printing,dyeing of textiles as a reducing agent.


Sodium Formate can be used as anti-frosting agent in concrete and cement antifreeze


Sodium Formate can be used as the raw material in the 

manufactures of sodium hydrosulfite,

formic acid and oxalic acid.



Sodium Formate can be used as deicer agent in snow-melting

Sodium Formate Packing: 25kg/50kg net polywoven bag,inner with PE bag inside.Or supply container pocket. 25MT/20'FCL

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