Acetic Acid

Acetic  acid  

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Popular name:Vinegar acid,Glacial acetic acid
Acetic acid solution;Acetic Acid Glacial;GAA


Cas No.:64-19-7

EINECS No.:200-580-7

Hs code:2915211900

UN NO.:2789

Dangerous Goods Class: 8

Appearance: transparent liquid, stimulating odour.
Melting point:16.635 ℃
Boiling point :117.9 ℃

GradeAgriculture Grade,Food Grade,Industrial Grade,Medicine Grade,Reagent Grade


 High class

 First class


 Glacial acetic acid % min




 Color max




 Formic acid content % max




 Acetaldehyde content % max




 Formaldehyde content %  max




 Residue on evaporation % max




 Iron(fe) % max







Acetic Acid Uses: widely used for preparation of vinegar anhydride, vinyl acetate, acetic ester, metal 
aceticacid salt, chloroacetic acid, cellulose acetate, etc., used in the production of ethyl 
acetate, edible spices, wine with spices used as analytical reagent, such as solvent and soaker

Acetic Acid Packing details:

                    25kg/drum, 20MT/20FCL

                       30kg/drum, 21MT/20FCL

                       225kg/drum, 18MT/20FCL

                       IBC 1100kg, 22MT/20FCL

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