Sodium Thiosulfate

Sodium Thiosulfate 


1. Type: Sodium thiosulfate 
2. Molecular formula: Na2S2O2 .5H 2O 
3. Molecular weight: 248.17 

4.Properties :monoclinic crystal, Melting point : 40 -45oC , Relative density :1.729( 17 oC  ). 
5.Application:used in fixers, plating, leather, reductant, dechlorinating agent, sulfur dyeing agent, as a blush preventive agent, and as a disinfectant. and decolor agent 


6.Package:25kg  plastic woven bag, or following your demand.



Appearancecolorless crystal granular
Water Insoluble matter≤0.01%
Water solution reactionin accordance with the test


Sodium Thiosulfate Appication:

1. in the photosensitive industry: It can be used as a photographic fixing agent
2. in the paper-making industry: the chlorine removal agent after pulp bleaching;
3. in the printing and dyeing industry: the dechlorination agent after cotton fabric bleaching
4. in the analytical chemistry: reagent for chromatography analysis and capacity analysis 
5. in the medicine: detergents and disinfectants; solve cyanide poisoning and mercury poisoning;
for skin itching, chronic urticaria, drug rash.
6. In the food industry: chelating agent, anti-oxidant, etc.,
Storage:Should be stored in a cool, dry storage room. Do not store in the open air, the moisture package should be handled promptly.
Transportation:Avoid exposure and rain during transportation.Do not mix with acid or oxidizer.The container must be sealed to prevent moisture melt.If the package is affected by the moisture, it is necessary to separate the contents from the dry packaging.It can be saved with water sand in case of fire.


We have two types of sodium thiosulfate for you to choose :

Big Crystal sodium thiosulfate

small crystal sodium thiosulfate 

sodium thiosulfate.jpg sodium thiosulphate.jpg



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